Monday, May 26, 2014

Debbie's Quick Teaching Tips #6

Quick Roll Marking

For quick check listing, have the students sit in a circle in the order of the roll. You can whiz around the group in no time and you don't have to take time to find the students name on your list! Also great for those of us with so many children that learning and remembering their names is hard enough without having to scour your list on every turn!

[Joel's Edit: This can also be used to do your bit as a music teacher with students' literacy. Have them organise themselves in alphabetical order the first few times. Then have them do it in reverse alphabetical order another time. Or starting from a particular letter of the alphabet. Or by first name instead of last name. Have them do it silently if you find that your brighter students are getting a bit bossy about the whole thing!]   

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