Monday, May 19, 2014

Debbie's Quick Teaching Tips #5

YouTube and Music Literacy

Did you know I have created a number of YouTube clips that you can use in your classroom? The clips feature rhythms to help assist you in creating musically literate students. 

I thought I would list a few ways to use the YouTube Clip below in your classroom.

See YouTube clip here.

  • Clap the patterns or play simple percussion
  • Use different body percussion
  • Improvise melodies (on the echo) sung or on tuned percussion (or an instrument being studied)
  • Half class play the dotted crotchets and half play the quavers (I love this!!! Use two different instruments - sounds great - good inner hearing activity)
If you have any other suggestions for activities, leave a comment below! 

And subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here for more useful videos.

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