Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Resource for Music Teachers from Ian Ross-Williams

Ian Ross Williams’ brand new Song Book & CD of 16 original songs for Primary School children.
The Song Book includes notation, tuned percussion arrangements and or guitar chords, dance moves and teacher’s notes. The CD includes backing tracks and lyrics booklet. $25 ea. or $45 together as a kit.
A gorgeous collection of original songs, including ‘Come On Down‘(pentatonic/percussion), ‘Happy Dog’(dance), ‘Tiptoe’ (pentatonic & actions), ‘Get Up’ (choral), plus the beautiful ‘So Many Stars – Yingarti Japalinga’, a round previously only available on a limited release EP. Also included are two little gems from Ian’s back catalogue – ‘Jimmy Jumper’ (a novelty waltz) and ‘The Sun Goes Up’, a lullaby suitable for young choirs, with philosophical, life-affirming lyrics. Plus full choral version of the new classic ‘AUSTRALIA – IT’LL AMAZE YA round, part-song.
Repertoire to deeply engage students. Repertoire to enhance your Music Program. Content directly in line with the National Curriculum. Invites student creativity: Compose ostinatos, improvise to the backings. Read notation and play in hocket (photocopy-able masters provided in the Song Book) and much, much more!
To purchase hard copy, email Ian: (with your delivery address and billing details).
Audio mp3 downloads also available, as two albums, Vocal &/or Backings album: iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Google, Rdio, eMUSIC, Spotify and Route Note Direct. Song Book and Collectable CD package

Monday, February 16, 2015

An Afternoon with Debussy

Rhonda Davidson-Irwin has organized on a recital by Gilbert De Greeve on March 15th. (Moggil, Brisbane) Gilbert was the Kodaly International President for 10 years. He is a world exponent of Debussy. Some funds raised go to the Katalin Forrai Early Childhood Society. Please phone Rhonda to purchase tickets.
0412 185 551

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Would you like a brand new ANZAC song?

The talented Stuart Gillard has released a new work and is offering it FREE!
In his own words: In commemoration of the ANZAC centenary I have composed a 2 part choral piece entitled "Four Hundred Seasons"
This piece is free to download and use as you require.
It can be found on my website .

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Savannah - USA Trip Diary #1

Day 1 - 25/1/15 - Travelling

Landing at LA was pretty spectacular. The city seemed to stretch forever in the glow of the distant sunrise. All I was was the inside of the airport. 
At the Dallas Airport, I spent my first few American Dollars, quite appropriately I think, on a large chips from MacDonalds. In fact, that is what I asked for, “A large chips please.” Young Macca’s employee looked very confused, I did immediately realise my mistake, and corrected the order to “fries”. He told me he didn't know the English word for that. So – off to a flying start in the USA!

Day 2 - 26/1/15
First day here. What to do when you are alone in Savannah? The helpful taxi driver told me that one of the big features of this city is that you can drink in the streets provided it is in a plastic cup or container. All the gift shops seem to sell plastic drinking vessels, go figure. He told me that Savannah is a party town. Huge New Years parties and Saint Patrick's Day parties.

So, after sleeping off my jet lag through most of the first day,I set off on a walk to the Markets. Just a quick browse, but did some fascinating things. I met Alex Batiste, read his story, saw him paint and had a chat. A lovely man, he seemed like a very religious fellow with a good heart, I would love to own one of his works. They have a particular 'light' and vibrant colours that naturally attract me. Continuing to browse art galleries (this is the time that I wish I actually had money), I...wait for it...found Pete the Cat. I really only know of Pete's shoes. Turns out James Dean, the artist, lives in Savannah. I want an original painting! Sort of strange since I am not a particular cat fanatic, but I love the paintings. I might content myself with a small print or the picture book to go with the song.

On my way back to the motel, I dropped in to the Moon River Brewing Company and had a Yoga Pants golden ale. Went down well I might way. I think my husband could like it here. Many beers here to try. Went on to try a Wild Wacky Wit, a spiced orangy beer - so different - while eating a 'Low country crab melt'.
Why Moon River? Because Johnny Mercer was born in Savannah, and grew up here.

And so the adventure began...