Monday, February 23, 2009

Black Labrador Puppet

This adorable puppet is one of my favourites and an excellent addition to any classroom. Your kids will fall in love with him.

This wiggly little fellow can plant your face with puppy kisses and cock his head with curiosity. This cuddly Black Labrador puppy features a soft velvety coat, realistically weighted ears and tail, and soft pink tongue. Also comes in Chocolate.

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Bouncy Bouncy Bally - FREE DOWNLOAD

This is just one of the free songs for download at

The text of the song is clearly set out with an illustration. Great for display in your classroom, sending home or using to create books that the students can "read".

Young children sing this with a large bouncy ball, throwing or bouncing the ball in the air on the WHEE. Not only is it fun, but even the children that are having difficulty finding their singing voice will switch on their 'heard voice' for the WHEE at the end.

Excellent recourse for all teachers. Check it out in the download section at


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Monday, February 16, 2009

FREE Downloads

Crescendo music offers a vast range of free downloads to help teachers with their lessons.

Check out the range including:

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Teaching Improvisation

Debbie O'Shea believes that in every lesson, as often as possible, we should give our students the opportunity to improvise and create. This somehow must be slotted in with everything else that has to be done in each lesson. The writer shares some methods that work for her.

Young children are naturally creative - just look at the many ways a toddler can use containers in the plastic cupboard - or listen while they talk, chant and sing their way through a game with a simple toy or object and a pile of dirt! As music educators we must try to nurture this natural creativity and build the confidence of our students. This daunting task would be easiest with small numbers of students for a long period of time. Most of us have neither numbers nor time on our side.

Here area few ideas I've found that work for me. They are very deliberate quick and easy. They aim to build students' confidence and to encourage 'risk-taking'. They are designed to develop students' ability to form ideas and opinions about the music they create while striving to improve. They are firmly placed within the lesson structure and not just 'stop everything, now we are going to create'. Creating is a natural part of music making, and therefore of the music lesson. These situations also provide opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know, as they apply that knowledge to create something uniquely theirs. This provides a perfect opportunity for assessment. (I should point out that my program is aurally based, developmental and sequential.)

The listed activities can be adapted to any level. They are just ideas that I hope will spark other ideas and maybe add something to your classroom.

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