Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Music as Medicine - All in the Mind

Recent neurochemistry research suggests music has huge therapeutic potential, and can be more effective than anti-anxiety or pain relief drugs in some cases.

Music therapists are already using rhythm to help patients recover from severe brain trauma by reconnecting neural pathways to retrieve lost memories or language, as Katie Silver writes here

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Teaching Tips from the March Newsletter

There has been an interesting discussion in one of my Chat Groups around vocal problems and music teaching. I penned a bit of advice to those of us struggling with these issues.

Professional help is often necessary and we are all a bit guilty about leaving that too late. “I’ll be OK” – sometimes doesn’t cut it. in the past Jane Mott (Speech Therapist) and voice amplifier has helped me.

A bit of personal advice from an old teacher (me).

One thing we can all do is look to our own practice and see what we can change to help.

There are many things we can’t change – time table,  work load….some things we can change.