Monday, April 28, 2014

Totally Treble Choir Workshop

Totally Treble Choir Workshop

Crescendo is holding an ALL NEW Totally Treble Choir Workshop. Running over three sessions with three fantastic presenters, it's a fantastic way to learn more about choral music, conducting and repertoire. 

See below for more details and contact for a registration form. 

Debbie's Quick Teaching Tips #2

Dynamic Dog

Hello everyone. I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Joel and I'm working with Debbie to make her and Crescendo's online life a little easier! Like many of you, I'm a music teacher (with a few savvy tech skills). You may see me popping up here from time to time or on some of Crescendo's other social media. (Are you following us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram? Check the right hand side of this page for a list of where you can find us!)

This week's tip is something I've found really useful in the lower primary music classroom.

I bring in a small stuffed dog and have the class sit in a circle. One student waits just outside the door while another student hides the dog somewhere in the classroom. The first student then comes back into the classroom and as a class we sing 'How Much Is That Doggy In The Window' getting louder as the student nears the dog and softer as he or she gets further away.

I've found that it's a really great way to introduce young students to loud and soft and have them singing together in a non-threatening environment. Students love the game and can't wait for their turn to search for or hide the dog. It's even more fun if they get to name it!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Debbie's Quick Teaching Tips

There has been a new, regular addition to the blog! Each Monday, I will be posting a new Quick Teaching Tip: a small activity or idea that you may want to try in your music classroom. 

Avid followers of Crescendo will be familiar with some of these, as they make a regular appearance in my monthly newsletter. (Are you on the mailing list? If not click here and enter your details on the right hand side of the page). 

I know it's only Thursday, but see below for your first Quick Teaching Tip. 

If you have any tips you'd like to share, please send them in to or you could always tweet them to us @crescendomusic and I will feature them on the blog!

Debbie's Quick Teaching Tips #1

The Magic Singing Chair

The Magic Singing chair is one of my all-time favourite activities that I also use as an assessment activity for year ones. 

I have a glittery piece of fabric that I drape over any old chair. It then becomes the MAGIC SINGING CHAIR. "What is magic about the Singing Chair?" you may well ask. When you sit on it, you sing. That is it! The kids love it. When I introduce it, I allow them to sing anything they like. A song from school, home, a movie, one they have made up (I really praise those, and boy can they be funny!) I now use it as part of my assessment as they sing a song, choosing one from my list,