Saturday, June 3, 2017

Two Old Tortoises

Two old tortoises going for a walk,
"Hello," said one, "would you like a little talk?"
"Yes," said the other, "I do enjoy a chat."
So they walked along together with a natter, natter nat.
This fabulous little rhyme is lots of fun for your young students. I begin with using index fingers to represent the tortoises as they walk along and talk. You can give one tortoise a 'high' voice and one a 'low' voice if you want to practice those comparatives. For a bit more interest, you can introduce a manipulative. Print these little guys on green cardboard, cut them out and laminate them for durability. Then sticky tape of hot glue gun them to paddle pop sticks. Each student can have two to dramatise the rhyme, or they can sit in pairs and have one tortoise each.