Thursday, May 4, 2017

Music Educators On-Line - Bernadette Etcheverry

Bernadette is a music teacher from California who moved to Okinawa, Japan in 2014.
When Bernadette moved to Okinawa and began working with Japanese students, she realized that they were very enthusiastic about music, but their English language skills were very limited. This was affecting the students’ ability to receive music instruction.
The students Bernadette left behind in California also contacted her asking if they could continue learning from her somehow.

With this in mind, Bernadette had to find a very simple and digital way to teach music to her new English Learners and her former students.

This is why Bernadette created the YouTube channel, Bernadette Teaches Music.
In this channel, Bernadette has created a library of YouTube videos, most of which are under 3 minutes long, where she focuses on ONE concept at a time. There are even videos for teachers who need help setting up and maintaining an ukulele program.

You can find Bernadette’s resources below: