Thursday, November 8, 2012

Music in the Middle

I found this going through my computer and thought it might be useful...

Music in the Middle
Article based on the KMEIA Maryborough Session July 2011

What is Music in the Middle?
This is new resource that is being produced by Queensland KMEIA.
This resource will have loads of ideas for your upper primary / lower secondary students – years 5 to 9.

There will be lesson segments on a DVD featuring three teachers and their middle school classes, Marie Henessy, Anthony Young and Debbie O’Shea (me). These teachers teach in a Private Girls , Private Boys and Co-Ed State School. You will see the song repertoire in action in real classrooms. You will also get support materials, worksheets, extra ideas etc…

The repertoire included in this resource and dealt with in some detail:
  Tuckshop Rap
  Liza Jane
  John Kanaka
  Bought me a dog
  Mal Mal Mal
  Land of the silver birch/my paddle
  Rise up oh flame
  Debka hora
  Lime juice tub 
  Bound South Australia
  Birch tree
  Where there is no vision
  Blow the wind/Sing Sing Together  
Other repertoire included :
  Moreton Bay
  Hey Ho Nobody Home
  Four White Horses
  Sing Song Saya
  O Sinner Man/Drunken Sailor
  Al Citron
  Chicken on a fencepost
  Stodola Pumpa
  Jim Jones
  Poor Old Howard

Let’s look at one song… I took the Canoe song and we have a l pentatonic piece, I like doing it in year 6, it can be performed in canon,  great for rhythmic and melodic ostinati…

A Sample worksheet!


Creative Cards Activity
What fun we had in this part! Cards were handed out and groups created a performance.
For a copy of this worksheet and the set of cards, go to – then downloads (on the left menu) – then Maryborough  - which is at the top! Or here is the direct link:
And here is another treat!!!! To see what the groups came up with, go to my new Youtube channel. Yay! (I am a hip chick)
I do hope that all of this gives you a few ideas and a bit of support in your classroom. I also hope this whets your appetite for this great new resource, Music in the Middle!!!!

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