Monday, June 1, 2009

Reward Ideas

This list of ideas was compiled during a music teachers workshop. The complete list can be found at

There are bound to be some new ideas to try, some old ones to revisit and hopefully find something that will be of benefit to you.

Reward Ideas
  • CD’s – able to bring one in the following week
  • Stickers – different sizes (small give often – medium occasionally – large – must be outstanding to get) - scratch and smell are a real hit with students
  • Bookmarks/booktags (homemade music ones – use wrapping paper and laminate them)
  • Bag tags
  • Team points – let winning team line up first or choose activity
  • Choose a game – use instruments
  • Bookmarks
  • Good points
  • A full lesson of music games
  • A special instrument for the lesson – choose a student to play
  • Contemporary Dance – play popular music eg. ‘So Fresh’ (radio edits therefore no swearing) – students work in groups to prepare a routine to the class (one minute only)
  • Music ‘Worker of the Week’ announced at assembly
  • Give students a chance to perform/improvise for class
  • Certificates for good manners, good listening, beautiful singing, most improved
  • Puppets – students hold
  • Listen to a song/CD of their choice – your music
  • Start small with rewards
  • Choose someone sitting up straight and singing nicely to begin a game
  • Smiley face on board for good behaviour
  • Positive Behaviour Management eg “I like the way ‘Jane’ is sitting”
  • Newsletter mention
  • Phone call to parents
  • Public mention in class time
  • Praise by other teachers
  • Given special jobs
  • Given royal names – ie. Should behave like one
  • Special play times in the music room (a group of friend in a class etc.)
This is just a taste of the full list. Check out for other great music resources.

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