Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fire and Smoke - Music Style

Fire and Smoke – music style
This is a quick card game that I learned from a high school maths teacher. 
So much fun - fill in activity - maybe played backstage to help occupy waiting performing groups as it can be relatively quiet.

I thought I would give it a music twist.

Give it a go and let me know if you like it, or what variations you create.

How to Play

You have a deck of cards.
All kids stand.
Ask these questions to one student at a time, each time drawing a card after they have answered. 
When they get one wrong, they sit. 
The winners are the students left standing - the ones that have guessed all four questions correctly.

  1. Fire or Smoke (red or black card) Sing the word fire to a given melody, eg dms - smoke - smd. Can use any melody that needs practice. 
  2. Higher or lower (higher or lower than the numeric value of the card) - Students sings the word higher at a high pitch, or lower at a low pitch.
  3. In or out (between or outside of the numeric value of the first two cards) Sing or say the word 'in' quietly and the word 'out' loudly.
  4. What suit? Sing the suit to any melody! Have a bit of fun and improvise.

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