Saturday, December 10, 2016

Student Gifts - Bookmarks

Student Gifts - Bookmarks

Do you need gifts for your students that won't cost you the earth?
What about the good old bookmark?
I gave them out this year to my choir students and they were delighted. I was a bit worried about giving them something so 'old school' in our digital age, but they seriously were chuffed to receive this little memento of our year together.
I had very little time, particularly at this time of year (as all teachers will fully understand!), so I needed something for 40 high school kids that was both cheap and not very time consuming to create.
I decided to use the new bookmarks from Crescendo Music Education. (Why not use my own products?) There are two sets, one is free - so go for it! 

The free set

The set for members

I used both sets and printed them out on a nice colour printer. Spent some time cutting them out - therapeutic I find!

I then created a simple message in a shape in a word document, using a colour I liked - a nice gradient blue. I made it just the right size to go in the middle of the back of the bookmark, and had several to a page. A bit more therapeutic cutting...

Then a little glue to keep the message in place during laminating.

I ran them through the laminator and cut them out.


When I gave them to my choir members, I let them choose the one they liked. 

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