Sunday, March 27, 2016

Three Things

I am linking up with Aileen Miracle to share three things that worked for me and my students this week.

#1 - Dig Deep

Want a fabulous song to sing with your choir or your classes? I have been doing this one. Not only is there a good message (which I look for in my material), but it is fun to sing and you can even have Pete Churchill himself do some of the teaching for you while you grab a quick drink of water and catch your breath!

These are the clips in order:

  1. Full Performance:

And then a colleague (thanks Lee Reushle) shared this link: from the English Pocket Opera Company. There is a lyric sheet (you will have to change sew to sow), audio tracks, score.....

What a find!!!!

#2 - Oreo Intervals

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Thanks to Pinterest and this original pin, I used Oreos with my Year 9s to help explain intervals and chords. It was fabulous, but I think I was probably more literal than these pictures. 

The biscuits were the notes played/sung, and each level of cream was a note in between. I made a minor 2nd (no cream) and Major second (one lot of cream) a minor third (two lots of cream) and a Major third (three lots of cream). We sang and played the chromatic notes in between as well. Then we focused on the thirds and built the chords. My chords had only one biscuit in the middle to accurately represent the notes in the chord....anyway, it was a fun lesson segment, and we got to eat the intervals.
"Mrs O'Shea, please can I have the Major third." So cute and fun!

#3 - Music Tech Teacher Quizzes and Games

The first time on the music lap tops for the year sevens and eights this week. We explored the quizzes and games on the Music Tech Teacher site HERE and boy were they engaged and happy. 


  1. I love the oreo idea! I am working on chords with my 6th graders right now!

    1. It worked really well - I am sure it will for you too!

  2. I love the cookie idea! My kids have been struggling with the idea of steps and skips so I think a visual like this would be super helpful! Thanks for linking up, Debbie!

  3. Yes! The Oreo idea looks so yummy...I mean fun! :-)