Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Finds 

Eric Whitacre's 5 tips to improve your choral singing

1. "Learn as much of the music as you can so that your head isn't buried in your copy."

2. "Read the text, bathe in it and then sing with expression and meaning, and in phrases and lines as the text requires."

3. "Listen to each other: hearing what is going on around you, next to you, near you is just as important as whatever the conductor is doing in front of you."

4. "Make the most of delicious words and consonants, querying the diction with your director for these and vowel sounds."

5. "Enjoy, and let the audience hear and see you enjoy singing; it's one of the most visceral things we can share. I don't know if it is a spiritual, physiological or psychological phenomenon, but I believe now more than ever that singing is a universal, built-in mechanism designed to cultivate empathy and compassion."

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