Monday, April 29, 2013

Humour in the Classroom

Not everyone is the Class Clown – I confess I am. Humour plays a really important part in my teaching style. Every teacher brings something unique to their classroom and I guess one of the things I bring is laughter. I have one puppet that is so naughty that he can’t come to school very often. Sheldon, the snail, is cheeky and just loves to make everyone laugh, so when he appears we get very side tracked. He is a Folkmanis large snail, well he was before he became mine.
I also have a ‘joke of the week’ for years 4 to 7. It really doesn’t take long, and some kids really look forward to it. I have heard some families get the weekly Joke at the dinner table on music lesson days! (Poor things!) I used to have one for all year levels, but the frustration of having to explain the joke to the little ones got to me! Besides, we have enough laughs with the little ones without a Mrs O’Shea slack joke! But of course the most important thing for me is to have a laugh with the students over things that happen in the lesson. I stress WITH the students. The biggest crime in my music room is to laugh AT someone. The Dragon Lady of the Music Room comes out if that ever happens.
I hope that you all appreciate the talents that you bring to your music room.

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