Friday, June 8, 2012

Music Resource of the Month May/June

Guest Post from Bridget Anese ...
A Music Teacher and Tertiary Student’s Dream-
Music Education students- lend me your ears! The good people at Kodaly Downloads have made your study a little bit easier. Music teachers- this is a dream come true!, as the name suggests, is a database containing all things Kodaly! It contains songs, games, worksheets and...wait for it, tertiary students...STRATEGIES for teaching rhythm and pitch using the Kodaly method.
The website is quite simple to navigate through using the advanced search option. For example, if you are teaching ti-tika to students in level 3 of the QLD syllabus and you are looking for songs to make the rhythm conscious, you are able to choose ti-tika and ‘MC’ from the drop down menu and browse through available files.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to see a drop down menu!
Kodaly Downloads is an electronic song file. For example, when you search Deedle Deedle Dumpling, you get a preview of the song, as well as the form, scale, rhythms, tone set, comfortable starting pitch, appropriate age level, etc. (See why this is a tertiary student’s dream?) You purchase credits to use on the website and there are a few options of how many to purchase. Each song is worth a certain amount of credits (usually around 2) and once you have purchased it, it stays permanently in your online song file.
You can access it anywhere you have internet! 
In the Strategies section at the moment they have a strategy for teaching ta, ti ti, including activities to prepare, make conscious and practice.
They have many more in the pipeline so watch the space!
This website is also great for leaving supervisions for supply teachers, or for supply teachers themselves to bring with them to schools. There are also a number of free resources, accessible from the front page of the website, so you can see what it’s all about!
If this article wasn’t enough to entice has offered crescendo members 20% off for the month of May and June! Just us the code "Crescendo".
Happy browsing!

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