Thursday, July 29, 2010

July Newsletter Just Out

What a busy time! I know – I am always busy – but this has been ludicrous – exciting but ludicrous!

I worked at the ECTA conference at the beginning of the holidays, and the Cairns Conference at the end of the holidays. I am so lucky – although I have such a busy life, I meet so many great people and have such a wonderful job!

Lots of workshops coming up for Crescendo: Early Childhood, Shot in the Arm and Masks and Mayhem. Masks and Mayhem is a Visual Art based workshop. Please let others know about this one as it is different for Crescendo and I hope to attract some new participants.

I am visiting Rockhampton, Mackay and Mt Isa soon for Music Count Us In. If you haven’t already signed your school up to sing, please consider doing so. This is all about sending a message that music education is important! We need the numbers!!!!!!

July newsletter just out. If you missed out on your copy you can download it here.

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